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Thom Zahler Artist / Writer
MC Lars Musician
Cricket Leigh Actor
Patricia Duran Actor
The Microphone Misfitz Musicians
Terry Nation Writer / Novelist
WendyYukki Cosplayer
Altered State Cosplayer
Lindsay "LeeLeeTheBunny" Aries Cosplayer
David Finch Comic Artist
Italia Ricci Actor
Honor Lychee Cosplayer
Mallorie Rodak Actor
Jeff Anderson Actor
Joanie Brosas Cosplayer
Larry Niven Writer
Steven Ahola Comic Artist / Writer / Director
Mostafa Moussa Comic Artist
Lochlyn Munro Actor
Tracy Lynn Cruz Actor
Stephen Costantino Actor
Joe Rubinstein Comic Artist
Theo Rossi Actor
Carl Weathers Actor
Sam J. Jones Actor

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Anthony Simcoe Actor
Christopher Ayres Actor / ADR Director
Walter Simonson Comic Writer / Artist
Terry Nation Writer / Novelist
William Shatner Actor / Astronaut
Johnny N' Junkers Cosplayer
Robin Lord Taylor Actor
Sephi Hakubi Disc Jockey
Kazha Band
Nao Music Promoter
E. Jason Liebrecht Actor
Philip "Canvas" Odango Cosplayer
GiveWave Studios Cosplayer
Dani Chambers Actor
Mallorie Rodak Actor
Jeff Anderson Actor
Joanie Brosas Cosplayer
Michael "Knightmage" Wilson Cosplayer
Trevor A. Mueller Comic Writer
Michael Copon Actor
Riki "Riddle" LeCotey Cosplayer
Cristina Valenzuela Actor
Lou Ferrigno Actor
Al Snow Wrestler
Elise Baughman Actor
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