Press Releases

December 17, 2006

News for PersaCon 2007:

PersaCon announces new location for 2007

Everything has been decided and plans are being made for our best year yet. We have a great new location and a great deal of changes are being made. This will be PersaCon's 5th Anniversary and thanks to all of you we have gotten bigger and better each year. We hope all of you will join us as we celebrate an exciting anniversary.

As most of you know we announced a theme for PersaCon 2007. But, when we started talking about it being our 5th year, we decided that was a bigger occasion. Now we have more options to have bigger and better ideas.

I think all of you will be surprised at how PersaCon has grown and changed over the years. But, we will always be family-oriented and the friendliest con around..

And now for the information you've been waiting for:

PersaCon 2007 "Our 5th Anniversary" Weekend

June 15-17, 2007

Tom Bevill Center & Hotel on the UAH campus
550 Sparkman Dr.
Huntsville, Alabama
Reservations & Registration Open December 31st