Press Releases

September 8, 2011

News for Anime-Spark! 2012:

Anime-SPARK! announces return of Quinton Flynn and Chris Rager

Cedar Rapids, IA - August 31, 2011 - Voice actors Quinton Flynn and Chris Rager will be returning to Anime-SPARK! for the second year, as Anime-SPARK! returns to the Clarion Hotel and Convention Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Anime-SPARK! will be held February 16-19, 2012, and registration is $30 through October 20th, 2011.

Quinton Flynn, a native of Cleveland, is most well known for providing the voices for Reno in Final Fantasy: Advent Children and Kon from Bleach. He was also featured as Axel in Square-Enix's Kingdom Hearts series, and he was also Raiden in the Metal Gear Solid series. His anime credits include Iruka-sensei and Deidara in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, Marcus Damon in Digimon Data Squad, Carl in Blood+ and Doctor Riddles in Zatch Bell!

His roles outside of anime include famous animated characters such as Jonny Quest, Spiderman, Speed Racer, The Human Torch, Timon, Snowbell in Stuart Little, just to name a few. His television and film appearances include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, King of Queens, Animaniacs, Woody Woodpecker, Robot Chicken, and many more.

Chris Rager is especially known as the voice behind Mr. Hercule Satan and King Yemma in Dragonball Z. He was also featured as Arlong, the leader of the fish people on the popular "One Piece," among several other characters. Chris has been heard in T.V. commercial ads across the country for companies like Taco Bell, Southwest Airlines and Visa. Although he enjoys the T.V. exposure, Christopher holds voice acting closer to his heart. You may have also heard Chris in Animes such as Blue Gender, Case Closed, Black Cat, Desert Punk, Lupin III, Full Metal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho, Samuri 7 and Sgt. Frog. Chris has also been heard in such video games Spike out: Battle Street, Stuntman Ignition, Bloodrayne, Roadkill and many others.

Quinton Flynn and Chris Rager will be participating in fan discussions, answer questions, and signing autographs throughout the convention.

Anime-SPARK! is the first winter Iowa anime convention. Events include a cosplay contest, video gaming, anime screenings, dealers, an artist alley, contests, fan panels, workshops, Japanese lessons, cultural events, a ConSuite with free ramen, rice and soda, and many more. Registration for the convention can be found online at