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Reece Bridger was born in 1995 in the south of England. He's noted as coming into this world kicking and screaming, as if dragged out of his natural environment. In some respects this is true; Reece feels at home in any small, warm, dark space. Almost always working on something, Reece can usually be found at his desk, with a strong coffee on one side and his Twitter feed on the other.

A creative mind since birth, Reece started out writing novels; his first trilogy of YA fantasy novels, 'The Buan Trilogy', was finally finished and self-published in 2016. Around the same time, Reece graduated from the University of Winchester with a 1st Class Honours degree in Creative Writing.

Armed with new ideas and a fascination with audio content, Reece grabbed a microphone and wrote out the first episode of 'Zoolaplex', an irreverent audio-dramedy series inspired by his big brother's horror stories about working in a cinema. 'Zoolaplex' was Reece's first step into the world of voice-over, and it was a slippery slope that soon led to him becoming a fully-trained, professional voice-over artist. Reece was soon hired to voice in a number of small indie games and animation projects across the internet.

With a number of clients in need of writing and editing support for their games, Reece's writing career expanded into game writing and narrative design. In a way, Reece's writing and voice acting spun together in tandem, each side evolving the other in ways that would be unimaginable if they'd remained separate.

Reece is now a professional game writer and voice actor, with credits and titles on consoles, mobile, and other platforms. Still a creator at heart, Reece has embarked upon his first original game project: 'Mark of Mona', a hybrid Visual Novel/Puzzle Battle title. He's also branched out into streaming on Twitch, to personally share his passion for video games with the internet.

It's a mystery how he ever sleeps...

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