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Peter Spellos has been performing and making folks laugh as long as McDonald's been selling hamburgers. He is a actor/comedian/denture wearer, voice over artist, stage director and author, whose career began as extra for a week on the dance floor in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. Since then, things have gotten busier. Peter has acted and entertained in over 100 television shows and films. Most recently, he was American Bandstand's curmudgeonly director Gus all three seasons of the hit NBC drama AMERICAN DREAMS.

Peter has had the great pleasure of working with many wonderful directors on their projects, including Barry Sonnenfeld (MEN IN BLACK II), The Wachowski Brothers (BOUND), Brad Silberling (CITY OF ANGELS), David Mirkin (HEARTBREAKERS), Danny Cannon (PHOENIX) and Danny DeVito (HOFFA), to name a few. Over the years, Peter has also voiced and starred on numerous animated series, including DIGIMON, TRANSFORMERS, OUTLAW STAR and the feature film versions of METROPOLIS and COWBOY BE-BOP.

As a young actor, he was a member of the 1st Amendment Improv Co. in NYC, and teamed with Jim Brownold on WPLJ-FM as the morning comedy team in the early 80's. He was the warm-up act for THE COSBY SHOW, sit com pilots for Robert Klein, Stiller and Meara and Melba Moore. Peter was also the creative director of WHO'S ON FIRST and The Usual Suspects Improv Co. in NYC. He has taught for over 23 years and continues to teach comedy and "anti" acting classes in L.A. When time allows, Peter appears nationally with the LaughingStock Comedy Company. (

In the fantasy world of film and tv, Peter has had the extreme pleasure of: being seduced by

Sigourney Weaver (HEARTBREAKERS) being murdered by Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher), morphed into Freddy Kruger ( NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. 6), been questioned by both Perry Mason and Det. Sifowitz (NYPD BLUE), and played God (well, Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead as The Almighty himself). In the real world, he continues to perform, write, direct and teach all over the country. And a long time ago, Peter, with Jim B., once was the opening act for Twisted Sister.

Spandex was never an option

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