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Kyle "Plasauce" Plaisance

Kyle "Plasauce" Plaisance

Lafayette, LA, USA

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Since 2011, Plasauce Cosplay has recreated costumes and props from Film, TV, and Video Games using such exotic materials as foam floor mats, poster board, fiberglass, pleather, worbla, and 3D prints. After seeing the scores of Halo cosplays across the web, Plasauce decided it was time to jump into crafting an armor of his own. Since then, he hasn't stopped. Going from Halo: Reach, to Judge Dredd, Game of Thrones, The Winter Soldier and now, The Mandalorian. Plasauce says the best part of the fandom is talking shop with fellow cosplayers. Discovering new methods and materials to make his favorite cosplays come to life. Working with the newer cosplayers to fine tune their craft. And just enjoying the experience with others. And after a long weekend attending the latest con, having walked the floor with a cosplay he's worked on for months, thinking he'll take time to rest, something new catches his eye. Gathering his tools for crafting, he simply states, LET US BEGIN...

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