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Led by the beautiful Anime theme veteran singer and song writer, Salia, (Cutey Honey Flash, Trust: Vandread) and music composer and guitar player, shin-go, (Solty Rei, Pumpkin Scissors, Casshern), Unicorn Table energize fans with the lively sound of up-tempo Grunge laced Pop tunes that present a unique J-Rock experience all their own. First introduced to the US at Akiba Fest 2006, Unicorn Table has been on a constant journey to US fandom with concert appearances at Anime Mid-Atlantic, New York Anime Festival, and Tora-Con.

Their 2005 debut album, "uncountable" entered the U.S. market in 2007 through TenBu Productions and showcases this bands ultimate ability to energize listeners worldwide. The hit album features among others, the theme song Fly Away from Jinki:Extend, and the internationally famous song, "Amai Yume" from the anime series, School Rumble. Other top hits include "To Be Free," "Closer," and "Infinity".

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