Japan Fest Welcomes Asia 2024 Information

Japan Fest Welcomes Asia 2024

Japan Fest Welcomes Asia 2024
May 4, 2024
Cromford Mills

Anime Convention

Organized by Otaku World

Japan Fest initially set out to introduce Japanese culture to the UK, but in recognizing the richness of Asia, we had a lightbulb moment!

Enter Japan Fest Welcomes Asia, an extension within the Japan Fest brand. It goes beyond Japan, seamlessly integrating Japanese stalls and cuisine with the diverse offerings from other Asian countries. Asia's varied cultures deserve to be celebrated just as much as Japan, and denying attendees the vibrant flavours and crafts from across the continent seemed counterintuitive to us. Therefore, the mission of Japan Fest Welcomes Asia is to blend these diverse cultures, offering attendees a rich taste of Asia, extending beyond the borders of Japan. Fear not however! Japan Fest, in its original form, remains, and Welcomes Asia serves as an exciting expansion of our commitment to cultural exploration.

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