Policy on Listed Events
  1. All events must have an actual web site in order to be listed. (Creating a page for your event on Facebook, Myspace, Tumblr, a forum, or other blogs and social networking sites does not meet this requirement.)
  2. Events must be at least 8 hours in length to be listed. Events that fall under a total of 8 hours of anime programming or are less than 8 hours in length will not be listed.
  3. We will not list any information which cannot be verified with the event's web site. This includes guest listings, programming, and registration rates.
  4. We will only list events that have a confirmed and announced venue and dates. Any events that do not have a venue or have not announced specific dates will not be listed.
  5. We will not list any information that requires a login to be viewed.
  6. Events with nothing more than an anime screening room (such as sci-fi conventions with an anime room) will not be listed. (There are simply too many of those for us to track.)
  7. Art shows, film festivals, and music festivals will not be listed unless they have other programming such as a cosplay contest or anime-related guest panels. If so, they will only be listed for the dates of that other programming and not for the entire length of the show or festival.
  8. We will not list events that move around (such as having the entire event in one location in one place and then move to a completely different venue later) unless at least 8 hours of programming is held in one place. (So if you have 4 venues with 2 hours each, those do not count.)
  9. Conventions-within-conventions will not be listed, but the main convention may be listed if it qualifies.
  10. Anime film screenings will not be listed.
  11. Anime club meetings will not be listed.
  12. Cosplay and costume gatherings will not be listed.
  13. Collectables shows and flea markets will not be listed.
  14. Concerts and music festivals will not be listed.
  15. The site staff reserve the final decision as to what is and is not listed on this web site. Anyone found to be submitting false or misleading information in order to circumvent our policies may have all their events banned from this site.
The above policy is subject to change without notice.

Last modified Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 2:01 AM PST