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Press Release for Anime St. Louis

March 4, 2010

Anime St. Louis announces guests

Anime St. Louis is a fifth year Japanese animation & culture convention taking place April 23-25, at the Gateway Convention Center, in Collinsville, IL.

Anime St. Louis is a family-friendly con providing endless entertainment in the form of events, discussion panels, game shows, a top-notch Masquerade, dances, costumes, contests, and more! Black Pigeon Press will be providing tabletop-gaming throughout the weekend, and GPX Gaming will be there for all your video-gaming needs. Sleeping Samurai will also return to once again entertain the masses with boffer-sword battling goodness.

Voice acting Guests of Honor inlude Richard Epcar (famous as Xenohart in Kingdom Hearts, Jigen in Lupin III), Ellyn Stern (of Bleach fame), and Troy Baker (leading voice in Final Fantasy XIII). Dirk Tiede of will also be in attendance, with musical performances by Tadahisa Yoshida.

To learn more about Anime St. Louis or to pre-register for the event at a discounted rate, please visit

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