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Aya Ikeda



In 2010, Aya Ikeda debuted as a solo singer by singing the [Heart-Catch Pretty Cure] opening theme [Alright! Heart-catch Pretty Cure], and also sang the endting theme of [Sweet Pretty Cure].

Singing the animation [Smile Pretty Cure!] opening theme song [Let's Go! Smile Pretty Cure] which is On-Air now at ABC Asahi TV group.

Aya Ikeda also sings the theme song [Fining my idealism] for online game [Finding Neverland Online], and the theme song for online game [Glory Destiny Onlin], not only in the animation world, also widely active in the game world.



Convention Guest Appearances:
   Anime Blues Con 2013 - June 21-23 in Memphis, TN
   Anime Expo 2013 - July 4-7 in Los Angeles, CA
   Anime Matsuri 2014 - March 14-16 in Houston, TX
   Ikkicon 2015 - January 2-4 in Austin, TX
   Akumakon 2017 - January 20-22 in Galway, Ireland
   AniMinneapolis 2017 - May 26-28 in Minneapolis, MN
   AniMinneapolis 2018 - May 25-27 in Minneapolis, MN
   Anime Midwest 2018 - July 6-8 in Rosemont, IL

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    Aya Ikeda

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