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August 22-24, 2014
Hyatt Regency Columbus

Matsuricon is an annual Japanese pop-culture event that focuses primarily on Japanese animation (known as "anime"), manga (Japanese graphic novels), and video games. We also showcase both American and Japanese popular culture, due to the natural overlap of fandom from both genres. Because of our "family friendly" image, our mascots are a "traditional" Japanese family consisting of a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, and a dog.

Matsuricon's goal is to promote the cultural awareness of japanese pop-culture through related events, special guest speakers and cultural presentations.

In 2014, Matsuricon is set to Rock Columbus!

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Advance Rates:
$30 before Jan 1; $35 before Apr 1; $40 before Aug 1

At-Door Rates:
$45 weekend; $30 Fri; $40 Sat; $20 Sun

Kevin Bolk (Web Comic Creator, Interrobang Studios)
Johnny Yong Bosch (Voice Actor)
David Brehm (Director / Writer / Producer / Musician, Blue Logic LLC)
Christine Marie Cabanos (Voice Actress)
Daniel Coglan (Martial Arts Expert)
Jillian Coglan (Martial Arts Expert)
Eyeshine (Band)
Scott Freeman (Voice Actor)
Josh Grelle (Voice Actor)
Darrel Guilbeau (Voice Actor)
James Hatton (Web Comic Creator, In His Likeness)
Chuck Huber (Voice Actor)
Erik Scott Kimerer (Voice Actor)
Lauren Landa (Voice Actress)
Scott McNeil (Voice Actor, Ocean Studios)
Danielle McRae (Voice Actress)
Erica Mendez (Voice Actress)
Matthew Mercer (Voice Actor)
Trina Nishimura (Voice Actress)
Professor Shyguy (Musician)
Ayu Sakata (Web Comic Creator / Voice Actress)
Ian Sinclair (Voice Actor / Director)
Micah Solusod (Voice Actor)
Brad Swaile (Voice Actor, Ocean Studios)
Symphonic Anime Orchestra (Musical Performers)
Sarah Anne Williams (Voice Actress)
Stephanie Young (Voice Actress)
27 guests listed

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